Can a Do-it-yourself Security System Keep You Safe in Dallas?

Thinking about installing a security system in your home or maybe at your small business? If yes, you might have already heard about DIY security systems and thought to yourself that, since you’re already big on handling DIY projects at home, why not tackle your security system yourself as well. You could save a decent amount of money and get the satisfaction of knowing that you installed the system yourself, which we agree can give you a high level of satisfaction.

DIY Projects are Great, But Your Dallas Home Security Demands a Bit More

The problem, and it’s a big one, is that in today’s society security is growing increasingly more important, both at home and at work. Sure, it might be great to save a few bucks, but is it worth risking the safety and security of your family or your small group of employees rather than giving the job to a professional, fully monitored security company?

With so many Do-it-yourself security companies spring up all over the place like, Abode Essentials, Ooma Home Security, SimpliSafe, Ring Alarm, Honeywell Smart Home Security, and Nest Secure. you need to do your due diligence and get as much information as you can, before spending money on a system that won’t really protect you and your family.

In this article, Does a DIY Security System Really Keep You Safe, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons for and against installing a security system yourself using the DIY method and having a professional, monitored security system installed. Enjoy.


What About 24/7 Monitoring?

One of the many benefits of a fully-monitored security system that a DIY security system can lack is 24/7 monitoring. Yes, your DIY system might have alarms, keyless entry, and other perks, but does it automatically contact the local police if, for example, someone tries to break in? If there’s a fire will your DIY system call the local fire department or first responder crew?

More than likely the answer to both of those questions is a resounding ‘no’, meaning that your DIY system will leave you quite vulnerable if, say, you’re away at work when a thief tries to enter your home illegally or when a fire breaks out somewhere in your home. Yes, you’ll save a few dollars every month because you won’t have to pay those monitoring fees but you won’t have the valuable benefit of 24/7 monitoring either.


Are You a Wiring and Electrical Expert?

The typical DIY security system has a number of working parts that, in order to function correctly, should be hard-wired to your home’s electrical system. While we would certainly agree that it’s not rocket science, hard-wiring anything to your home comes with a risk that you’ll connect something incorrectly, attach wires the wrong way and other, even more dangerous, errors.

The truth is, even a small wiring mistake can render all or part of your DIY security system ineffective or nonfunctional, which would then leave your family, home, and business completely unprotected. Unless you’re an expert at electrical wiring you should probably leave it to a trained, professional security system installer.


What If you Can’t Make a Phone Call to Get Help?

If you install a DIY security system in your home or work and something happens where you need the help of the Dallas police or the fire department, you’ll need to call them yourself in order to alert them to what is happening and where. The problem is, what if you’re incapacitated, don’t have your phone or your phone has been disabled?

Professionally installed security systems with 24/7 monitoring would help you avoid this problem so that the fate of you, your family, or your business is never left to the whims or electronic devices like your smartphone.


Does the Equipment You’re Installing use the Latest Technology?

When installing a DIY security system one of the big advantages is that it can save you some money. Some homeowners take this to the extreme and get the cheapest everything, from monitors to video cameras, sensors, and so forth. Now, if you’re being honest with yourself, you should readily admit that when you purchase a cheaper product you’ll usually get results from that product that reflect its cheaper price.

The devices may not be as sophisticated and advanced, many of the latest innovations won’t be included and, even worse, your new security system might be obsolete even before you can install it, leaving your home at risk even if the system was recently installed.

Professional security service companies will usually have the very latest in technologically advanced equipment like security cameras and motion detectors. More than that, they will usually install additional devices at little or no extra cost, something you certainly won’t get with your DIY security system.


Does Your DIY System come with a Bonus Package?

Putting together a DIY security system for your home might save you money and be very satisfying, but does it come with any additional perks or advantages like upgrades and bonuses? We’re betting that no, it doesn’t because few do. On the other hand, a professionally installed security system often does come with extras, bonuses, and perks that can keep your family, home, and business safer.

Things like a comprehensive package will often have, for example, panic buttons, battery backup systems, and more, which add an extra layer of protection when things go wrong, thieves are at the door or any other type of emergency situation arises.


Are there any Hidden Costs when Installing a DIY Security System?

While you might think that installing a security system on your own will save you money (and it might in the short run), many homeowners have the unpleasant experience of finding out that, down the road, they need to purchase more, better, or upgraded equipment in order to get the security coverage they need and want.

The fact is, security systems include a wide variety of complex electronic parts and systems and these can malfunction, break or stop working completely. When they do, you won’t be able to get them replaced by the security company that installed them because you did it yourself. On the other hand, if you had your security system installed by a professional company with a good reputation, any parts or devices that break would likely get replaced, upgraded or repaired at little or no cost to you.


Does a DIY Security System Offer the Most Monitoring Flexibility?

Monitoring your home is one of the best ways to deter criminals, alert the local police and fire department and keep you informed about your home when you’re not there. The problem with many DIY security systems is that they either don’t offer this type of monitoring at all or that it is severely limited. Frankly, a security system that can’t alert you to danger isn’t a very worthwhile investment, we think you’ll agree.

When you have a professional security system with monitoring installed in your home or work by trained pros from a reputable security company, however, you’ll get a variety of monitoring and alert systems that can contact you immediately in case of trouble. Safety breaches at your home, changes in the amount of carbon monoxide in the air or even smoke can set off a chain of events that will ultimately lead directly to a response, which could possibly save lives and save your property and home from further damage or theft.


Does a Do-it-yourself Security System Keep You Safe


Will Your DIY Dallas Security System Maintain Itself?

Here’s a fact; security systems sometimes fail, break down or simply age themselves into obsolescence over months and years. When they do, will you have the time, energy, and know-how to upgrade, repair or replace them? Even more, will you know which part of the system is broken or failing, or will you be left to make an uncertain guess?

With a professionally installed alarm system, the company that installed it and monitors your home or business will also be the same company that comes out to maintain and upgrade your system whenever it’s needed, many times at little to no extra cost to you (unless you ask for an upgrade to a system that’s still working properly, of course).

Also, if you install the security system yourself and then have problems you can’t fix yourself, the extra cost involved to have a professional company come out and figure out what went wrong could erase any savings that you might have had by doing the installation on your own.


What Happens if part of your DIY Security System Deteriorates Due to Weather Conditions?

Depending on where you live the weather can be quite damaging to the components of your security system, including things like video cameras, sensors, keypads, wiring, and more. If and when this happens (and, eventually, it will happen), what will your choices be?

In most cases, if you’ve installed the security system yourself you’ll be the sole person responsible for replacing or upgrading the parts of your system that have ‘gone bad’, an extra expense that you may not have figured into the price when you were first thinking about a DIY security system.

On the other hand, a professional security company knows that, over time, parts, devices, and systems will eventually fail and need to be either upgraded, replaced or, if possible, repaired. If you have a contract with your security company that included upgrades and maintenance you’ll spend a lot less money, and a lot less time, getting the upgrades you need to keep your family, home, and business safe from harm.


Do You Know Where to Position and Place all of your Security System Components?

This might seem a little bit superfluous but the fact is that, if you position things like video cameras and detection devices the wrong way, they may not work as well as they should (or may not work at all). Also, you need to consider all of the various entry points into your home or business, especially those that might not be as obvious to you as they would be to a professional security system installer.

For example, let’s say that you position every camera so that it captures the view of your front door 100%, with everything in sight and monitored completely. Then, let’s say that a smart thief gets in by going through the side window, where you never even thought to place a sensor and where there’s no video surveillance at all.

When you have a security company install a professional security system you get professional installers who know what to look for, what to expect from thieves, and where to position all of the components for the best, safest results. They do these things every day whereas you might never have done them except for this one time. That’s a very big difference in experience levels, we think you’ll agree, and one that could leave you, your family, and your home at risk.


Can a DIY Security System Really Keep You Safe in Dallas?

No, not necessarily. One of the many benefits of a fully-monitored security system in Dallas that a DIY security system can lack is 24/7 monitoring. Yes, your DIY system might have alarms, keyless entry, and other perks, but does it automatically contact the local police if, for example, someone tries to break in? If there’s a fire will your DIY system call the local fire department or first responder crew?


Will Your DIY Security System Set Off False Alarms All the Time?

It might, because as an unlicensed, inexperienced installer (no offense) you might hook something up the wrong way, misconnect wiring or make some other, however small, miscalculation or error. False alarms are annoying at best but, if they happen all the time, they could make for some very unpleasant conversations with your neighbors and friends who have to listen to them, especially in the middle of the night. They could also end up costing you money if, say, the local EMS comes out to make sure all is well and then charges you for the call. (It does happen.)


In Closing

While it’s normal to want to do everything you can, especially today, to save some money, when it comes to the safety and security of your family, your property and your business, it really should be left up to the professionals. The last thing you want is to have a situation arise that ends up in tragedy just because you wanted to save a few dollars every month on monitoring services or installation fees.

We hope you enjoyed Does a DIY Security System Really Keep You Safe, and that it gave you the answers you were searching for. If you have any questions, need help or advice, or would like to leave a comment, please do so in the space provided. Thanks, and best of luck deciding what to do with your new home security system!